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Overnight Oats Product Details



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How do you prepare the overnight oats?

Simply cover the contents in the eco-friendly pouch or the special edition mason jar with your favorite plant-based milk and then seal it shut. For best results, refrigerate until chilled, or overnight. Stir it after opening. Enjoy!

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Do I need to cook the overnight oats?

No. Our overnight oats are designed to be consumed raw, which maximizes their nutritional density and superfood content.

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Do I add water?

Do not add water to the mixture. Our overnight oat recipes would be best complimented by unsweetened alternative milk. We recommend adding unsweetened oat milk or learning how to make your own.

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    How soon can I consume the overnight oats after preparing?

    After preparing overnight oats, make sure to wait up to 20-25 minutes as they will soften and expand. The best results are achieved when refrigerated overnight.

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    What are the overnight oats shelf life?

    In their dried state, our overnight oats have a 6-month shelf life. Must be eaten within 3 days of preparation. Keep refrigerated for optimal results!

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    what makes the overnight oats simple & sustainable?

    Jaclyn Creations’ delicious overnight oats are 100% vegan and gluten-free and make life easier. With organic superfoods, our overnight oats are an excellent alternative to traditional breakfasts. Take them with you on road trips, vacations, or camping, or have them as a snack at work!


    As a company, we support animal-free food consumption, reducing 73% of our carbon footprint, and promoting sustainability by using eco-friendly materials that can be re-used and recycled.

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    Each Order Made With ❤️

    We use high-quality locally sourced superfood ingredients in our overnight oats, such as gluten-free oats, which are rich in nutrients, including both soluble and insoluble fiber, protein, and vitamins/minerals, which may benefit overall health.

    Raw ● Vegan ● Gluten-Free ● Superfoods ● No Sugar Added

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    Net weight

    Our overnight oat products are measured by weight not by volume. You can be assured of proper weight even though some settling of contents occurs during shipping and handling.

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    custom orders, wholesale, re-orders

    Looking for locally sourced sustainable and healthy food to sell at your marketplace?

    We offer eco-friendly and convenient food options. It is exciting to promote sustainability by using recyclable and reusable materials. Join businesses across the country in offering Jaclyn Creations products at your shop, cafe, or boutique.

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    allergen warning

    Allergy Warning

    Manufactured in a facility that also processes: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are 100% safe to consume for people with tree nut allergies.


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